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Power of Small Gifts

Hosted by: Jason Franklin

Featuring Bold Givers: Ruth Ann Harnisch, Levani Lipton

Power of Small Gifts

What does it take to unlock creativity and empower people to change their world? Ruth Ann Harnisch and Levani Lipton have witnessed firsthand the power of small gifts to create big change, join us for our May Bold Conversation to hear more!     


Through the Harnisch Foundation, Ruth Ann has partnered with the Awesome Foundation to make a weekly $1000 grant to celebrate ideas and projects that spread goodness. Meanwhile, through the Ananda Foundation, Levani and her mother have supported amazing social change leaders in Africa and Southeast Asia engaged in sustainable grassroots initiatives that strive for a world free of poverty and suffering.

They spark and support passion, celebrate creative community solutions, and enable change to happen - all with small gifts we could all make. Join us for a conversation that will spark your own giving imagination.

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Gay & Bold: Philanthropy in the LGBTQ Community

April 2014

Hosted by: Jason Franklin

Featuring Bold Giver: Russell Roybal

Russell Roybal

LGBTQ equality is on a roll with major victories across the country with marriage equality victories, local trans supportive legislation and more. These victories are the result of decades or organizing and advocacy and have happened with the support of donors large and small. Yet even as we celebrate, we know there is so far still to go!

Join us for a conversation about what it means to give boldly in the LGBTQ community featuring Russell Roybal, Bold Giver and Deputy Executive Director at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force who’ll share his philanthropic journey and lessons from sitting on both the donor and donee sides of the philanthropic table.

Conquer Your Giving Fears

March 2014

Hosted by: Jason Franklin

Conquer Your Giving Fears

“My giving doesn’t really matter; They only love my checkbook; I’m going to end up poor; Everyone will ask me for money.” Fears like these stop us from giving and we rarely have a chance to discuss them or figure out ways past them. We recently asked friends and colleagues about their giving fears, those nagging questions and concerns that we grapple with as individual donors, and were overwhelmed by the response - the eagerness to talk more about these, the candid stories we heard about individual struggles, new fears or variations we hadn't thought of, and especially the ways people have overcome these fears to become bolder in their giving.

Responding to that tidal wave of interest, our next Bold Conversation will dive into these philanthropic fears. Join us for an interactive conversation about what holds us back and how we move forward as courageous donors. If you want to add your own comments about fears and solutions, send them on to us ahead of time to make this a robust discussion!

BLACK AND BOLD: Philanthropy in the African American Community

February 2014

Hosted by: Cheryl McCourtie

Featuring Bold Giver: Cheryl A. Pemberton
Participants: Tracey Webb, Christina Lewis Halpern

BLACK AND BOLD:  Philanthropy in the African American Community

Join us for a conversation about what it means to give boldly in the African American community featuring Tracey Webb, founder of The Black Benefactors giving circle and, which celebrates African American giving; and Christina Lewis Halpern, who’ll share how she is carrying on the legacy of her late father, TLC Beatrice International founder Reginald F. Lewis, and her own philanthropic journey as founder of All Star Code, which connects African American young men to the technology industry.

Bold Conversation with Rod Roddenberry

January 2014

Hosted by: Pat Eng

Featuring Bold Giver: Rod Roddenberry

Rod Roddenberry

For sci-fi fans, the name Roddenberry is legendary.  Star Trek is the “uplifting” television series spanning multiple generations of Trekkies, helping us all to expand our imagination for what the future holds.  The legacy that Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry left behind includes his son, Rod Roddenberry.  

In this "next generation" of Roddenberry, Rod chose to honor his father's visions by setting up the Roddenberry Foundation in (stardate) 2010, supporting new frontiers for the benefit of humanity.  The Foundation imagines a world where: all children are given a chance to thrive; our environment is treasured and preserved; disease is a thing of the past; and quality education is accessible to all.  We’ll hear from Rod as he discusses the inspiration behind the foundation and the new possibilities that his philanthropy is creating.  

Join our Bold Conversation as Rod boldly goes where no one has gone before, our January 16 2014 Bold Conversation!

Listen to the conversation here:

Bold Givers Share Tips towards Outrageous Generosity

December 2013

Hosted by: Jason Franklin

Featuring Bold Givers: Tracy Gary, Kathy LeMay

Bold Givers Share Tips towards Outrageous Generosity

Join Bold Givers and philanthropy consultants Tracy Gary and Kathy LeMay as they share strategies and tips to incorporate outrageous generosity into your year-end charitable contributions. They speak from a wealth of experience as donors themselves, long-time philanthropy advisors, and authors - Tracy’s book is Inspired Philanthropy and Kathy’s is The Generosity Plan


Wanting your giving this year to be more exciting and fulfilling than before? Want to really match your values to your donations? Kathy & Tracy will reflect on how bold giving has shaped their personal and professional journeys, and invite you to maximize your own holiday giving by sharing practical know-how around how to get started and begin your philanthropic adventure during our December Bold Conversation on 12/12/13.

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