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Philanthropy's Role in Fixing Inequality

Hosted by: Otar Makharashvili & Babbie Jacobs

Featuring Participants: Felicia Wong - Roosevelt Institute, Keith Mestrich - Amalgamated Bank

Philanthropy's Role in Fixing Inequality
Inequality is growing in the United States, a well-documented fact that is an increasingly central concern to the philanthropic community. Recent research indicates that the gap between rich and poor is a growing threat to economic prosperity, environment, public health, peace, democracy, and more. Many foundations have responded in full force to address this pressing issue, with the Ford Foundation recently announcing that all of its grants will be directed to reducing inequality.

Individual philanthropists are now joining the effort to prioritize inequality as a central funding area, but the complex and overwhelming nature of the issue can be a roadblock for many donors who want their individual support to have the biggest impact possible. In response to requests from funders and family foundation staff, our next webinar/bold conversation will tackle the issue of funding the fight against inequality as we dive into strategies for getting started, identifying organizations that are tackling crucial components of inequality, and funding solutions that will work to meaningfully reduce inequality. Our speakers will highlight takeaways from the Roosevelt Institute's latest report, Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy, authored by its Chief Economist, Joseph Stiglitz. The report has captured the attention of the media, advocacy and philanthropic communities for its clear and comprehensive framework for understanding inequality as a result of human choices - and the policy solutions needed to fix it.


Our speakers will include Keith Mestrich and Felicia Wong. Keith Mestrich is a longtime philanthropist and President & CEO of Amalgamated Bank, the largest majority-owned union bank in the United States. The Bank's core customers include unions and their funds, progressive not-for-profit institutions and political organizations. Felicia Wong is President & CEO of theRoosevelt Institute, a political think tank dedicated to reimagining the rules to create a nation where everyone enjoys a fair share of our collective prosperity. The Roosevelt Institute brings together multiple generations of thinkers and leaders to help drive key economic and social debates for local and national impact.

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Philanthropy Re-Imagined

July 2015

Hosted by: Indie Philanthropy | Kindle Project

Philanthropy Re-Imagined

We invite you to join Bolder Giving and Indie Philanthropy for a conversation around creative approaches to giving as we explore ways to get started, discuss some of the most unique, accessible, successful, and collaborative approaches to creating change and share diverse stories from innovative bold givers in hopes of unraveling your own outside-the-box funding.

Traditional funding has sometimes fallen short in addressing our global challenges–helping mobilize only a fraction of our world’s creative talent. With planetary challenges escalating, time is of the essence to explore new, bold and creative alternative approaches to giving. From Crowdfunding to Giving Circles to Community-Based Decisions to Funding Start-Ups, the landscape of re-imagined Philanthropy is varied and exciting.

Philanthropy Re-Imagined

Giving & Investing Towards Just & Sustainable Environment for All

June 2015

Hosted by: Babbie Jacobs

Featuring Bold Givers: Joel Solomon, Kristin Hull

Giving & Investing Towards Just & Sustainable Environment for All
Funders from around the world realize that to ensure a livable future for humanity requires that people have ready access to clean and plentiful water, fresh air, open spaces, a stable climate, and a rich array of biodiversity. There are no environmental matters that do not involve people, and all people rely on a healthy environment. Yet many funders shy away from funding in this area, often due to its complex nature, at a time when our support is so critical!

We hope you’ll join Kristin Hull, Director of the Nia Community Fund and Joel Solomon, Chairman & Co-Founder of Renewal for a conversation about bold giving and investing toward a just and sustainable environment for all. Whether you give globally or closer to home or are considering stepping up your giving, our speakers will explore some of the issue surrounding this complex and often overwhelming funding area and discuss strategies for funding and investing toward environmental causes from choosing the right groups to measuring impact.

Giving & Investing Towards Just & Sustainable Environment for All

Funding LGBTQ Groups on Give OUT Day & Beyond

May 2015

Featuring Participant: Ben Francisco Maulbeck - Funders for LGBTQ Issues

Funding LGBTQ Groups on Give OUT Day & Beyond

In honor of Give OUT Day, we invite you to join us for a conversation with Ben Francisco Maulbeck, Executive Director of Funders for LGBTQ Issues, about the changing landscape of the LGBT community across the country. This is a chance to hear the latest about funding trends in the country and a moment to reflect on how your giving on 5/21 fits into a broader national & international picture or get ideas for where to focus your giving on Give OUT Day and in the months and years to come.

Funding LGBTQ Groups on Give OUT Day & Beyond

Making Philanthropy a Family Affair

April 2015

Hosted by: Jason Franklin

Featuring Bold Giver: Helen LaKelly Hunt
Participant: Leah Hunt-Hendrix

Helen LaKelly Hunt

"How can we make Philanthropy a Family Affair?" is a question many ask when trying to involve and engage family members in charitable activities. Giving with families is one of the things many people aspire to and often finding challenging.

Join Helen LaKelly Hunt and Leah Hunt-Hendrix, a mother-daughter duo, on April 23rd for an intimate conversation about family philanthropy. We'll dive into topics ranging from tips for engaging family members to strategies for working as a team and balancing individual interests that arise in a family setting. As Helen says, "Funding together allows all family members to learn about each other at the deeper soul level. It has become an important and joyful part of all our lives."

Helen is the co-founder of several public foundations and nonprofit organizations, including Women Moving Millions, a community of individuals who have made gifts and pledges of one million dollars or more to organizations promoting the advancement and empowerment of women and girls. Swanee her sister helped catalyzed this vision. Helen is also passionate about the Safe Conversations Project, whose goal of interrupting the downward cycle of poverty by strengthening relationships at home. 

Leah, Helen's Daughter, is an active player in the family's philanthropy as an advisor to the Sister Fund and advisor to other initiatives. She helped start the Solidare Network, a community of people with wealth aligning their resources with movements that promote dignity, justice, and equality. Leah has spent the past decade at the intersection of theory and practice, combining a study of moral philosophy and democratic theory with research around the world in grassroots organizing and social movements.

Making Philanthropy a Family Affair

Diaspora Philanthropy: Strategies for Giving Effectively Across Borders and Engaging Others to Join You

April 2015

Hosted by: Bolder Giving & Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support

Featuring Participants: Burcu Mirza - Turkish Philanthropy Funds, Jenny Hodgson - Global Fund for Community Foundation

Diaspora Philanthropy: Strategies for Giving Effectively Across Borders and Engaging Others to Join You

Over the past few years diaspora giving has grown significantly stemming from the global mobility of talent and increasing wealth within diaspora communities globally. Simultaneously, philanthropic groups in developing countries are increasing their efforts to maintain ties with and fundraise from their diasporas as the internet is making it possible for dispersed communities to collaborate, organize and sustain ties across borders.

Whether you are an individual donor who is thinking about how you can give to your home country, an NGO leader within a diaspora community, or are working to build a culture of giving within your country or diaspora, join us to explore these issues in more depth.

Our presenters will share their reflections on how to overcome barriers to giving internationally, trends in global philanthropy, effective giving strategies for diaspora members, and approaches to engaging new diaspora donors.  

Burcu Mirza, longtime diaspora philanthropist and the board member of Turkish Philanthropy Funds, which seeks to maximize the impact of giving in Turkey by engaging successful diaspora members around the world.

Jenny Hodgson, Executive Director of Global Fund for Community Foundation, a grassroots grantmaker working to promote and support community philanthropy globally.

Diaspora Philanthropy: Strategies for Giving Effectively Across Borders and Engaging Others to Join You

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