Bolder Giving - Give More, Risk more, Inspire more
Julia Wise and Jeff Kaufman

| Northeast | 18 to 39 Years Old | Under $1M | at least 50% | Profession |
| International | Joy | Simplicity |

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Posted on January 8th by Julia

Thank you!

Thanks for the kind words, Boris and Lynn!

I write on the topic here:

Posted on April 28th by Boris Yakubchik

Thank you for sharing your story; it is inspiring! I too have made the difficult decision to (mostly?completely) forgo world travels (for the same reasons). The most expensive thing in one's life is almost surely raising a child, and I agree it may be difficult to give up the experience because of the resolution to help other people more. I have not yet found a partner for life, but I suspect there is at least one person of fitting age (and other criteria) out there who would be willing like me to help numerous people elsewhere via charitable donations while also being OK with not having children. I think finding friends with a similar outlook on life can help (psychologically) when the rest of society looks with puzzlement. Have you heard of Giving What We Can? :)

Posted on February 26th by Lynn Broaddus

Julia - very very inspirational! I'm looking for examples to use at my church, and yours is definitely one that I'm going to feature. Thanks so much.