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Abigail Disney

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Posted on April 26th by Peter Choo

I have viewed PTDBTH several times and our organization, Rebuild Africa, which is working in Liberia has benefited from the impact this documentary has made in informing others of the recent history of Liberia and the dignity and power of its people, especially its women. Thank you for your philanthropy in its many forms!

Posted on January 28th by Anne Ellinger

Wonderful call yesterday with Abby! You can listen to the recording on Bolder Giving's Past Events pag.e (This will be probably be called "Archives" on the redesigned site -- coming soon!) On the call I named several resources about constructive cross-class dialogue and promised to write them here:
Organization "Class Action":
Book "Class Matters" by Betsy Leondar-Wright
Book "Bridging the Class Divide: And Other Lessons for Grassroots Organizing" by Linda Stout (also google her past and current organizations)
Training work of the organization "Be Present"
Feel free to name others!

Posted on January 27th by Christopher Hayes

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on giving.
Your skepticism of the idea of limiting risk when giving by only funding well-established organizations and proven concepts is refreshing to hear.
The GELL Project @ PS41 would not be happening if we did not have supporters willing to take a chance on a new idea. Oddly, business and finance people often ballyhoo innovation and know that risk management runs parallel to the opportunities risk offers. In fact, they are able to hold these conflicting thoughts in balance when it comes to making a buck...and yet, when it comes to philanthrophy, first-of-their-kind enterprises by "unproven dreamers" are dismissed far too easily, as your Liberian Light Bulb story illustrates all too well. Heck, if they'd told that to Edison back in 1879 where would we be now?
Now that The GELL Project @ PS41 is under construction, I am getting calls from others, including manufacturers and business people, who want to replicate the concept elsewhere. One group even wants to build another NYC GELL Project pro bono in an underprivileged neighborhood. So now the challenge has morphed, from getting it done, to getting the NYC School Construction Authority to scale -- which is no less daunting but equally worthwhile.
So thank you for encouraging people to step outside their comfort zone and fund people and ideas that will have real impact and value, regardless of whether it was a "sure" thing to begin with.

Posted on January 26th by Rita Henley Jensen

I am not a donor but what is called in the trade a grantee. As such, I have met many wonderful, profound, creative donors that make me grateful that I have had a chance to be in the funder-seeking role and ahd the obligation and opportunity to reach out to them. I have known Abby for nearly ten years now and each and every time I speak to her or hear her speak, I am grateful again that I have had the privilege. I hope you all feel the same way.
Rita, editor in chief, Women's eNews
Link to our piece about Abbby:

Posted on January 21st by Linda Springer

Dear Abigail,
Thanks for sharing the development of your giving approach. At Cleveland Social Venture Partners, we help individual donors (our partners) get in touch with their values and learn to give smarter, and we provide operating support (financial and free consulting) to nonprofits.
We call it engaged philanthropy. I plan to share your essay with out donor volunteers.
Best regards,
Linda Springer
Executive Director
Cleveland Social Venture Partners
an affiliate of SVP International