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Posted on April 23rd by Zephaniah

Connecting the "Need" with "Support"

I have widely read and learnt with sadness that the linkage barrier between the one who needs help and the helper is so wide such that, sometimes the whole mission of the helper ends in jeopardy. Connecting the two remains one of the most difficult task that both ends would imagine. Because of limitations in flexibility and time constraints, many philanthropist turn to consultancy for help. Some of the best implementing agents of philanthropic resources for these global issues are people of the affected communities, they understand plights more than anybody else outside and being from a similar background, I believe they stand better chances of turning their lives around. Surely, one of the best feeling of achievement one can ever have is to be able to measure the impact you have caused. With the exception of all success stories, this has however been proven to work/realized on a one on one basis but the challenge still remains in meeting the “two” thus the reason why givers form and drive their own foundations.

From all the different facets of philanthropy, the goal is common, “building productive, healthy, and well educated communities”. It is with no doubt that philanthropy itself is driven by capacity and having more than enough, though what defines enough varies from one to another. It is also of no doubt that only a very small percentage of our populations make up the “impact” philanthropists though many are capable.

I am of a common but no so common school of thought that, “The nurturing the next generation of philanthropists will help catalyze reduction of time needed to solve the world’s problems”

In simple terms, identifying budding “likeminded”, professionals, and entrepreneurs and affording them the opportunity to realize these visions.

Some are born philanthropists and some are turned into. The earlier the former exercise their passion the earlier the latter learn of the good and the results will be tremendous.

Be blessed

Zephaniah Chiyangwa