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Diane Feeney

| West | 40 to 59 Years Old | $10-$25M | Inheritance |
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Posted on May 29th by A.J. Ali

I'm interested in aligning with charitable foundations to help nonprofit groups raise money, to inspire their people and to tell their stories to the masses.
I was on the first part of the call 5/26 and had to duck out to another meeting, but what I heard was extraordinary. I plan on listening to the recording to get the rest. My passion is helping people to make a difference in the world. I use various forms of art to create change and spark improvement. With my TV show, Good Fellas of Baltimore, there's a movement brewing that is quite exciting. The MOB (Mentors of Baltimore) is our socially responsible "fan club" which is growing and active. In the TV show, we are featuring stories about charitable organizations and dynamic individuals all over the country. We're also looking for business people that want to give back -- they can be co-stars in the show by becoming sponsors. We're a reality show, but we're not funded by studios so we can tell the real story, not the story the suits would want us to tell. In other words, we're not like Jersey Shore or Housewives of Atlanta.
I also give talks and teach workshops on social responsibility, becoming a True Champion and fundraising through golf events. I've raised more than $25 million for charity, mostly through grass roots cause marketing events. I love that work. It's very rewarding.
My wife and I put our personal passions into a wellness and cancer prevention nonprofit we started in 2006 ( She's a survivor and we've both lost relatives to cancer. Virtually all of our resources, after basic living expenses, have gone into this effort. It's almost like taking a vow of poverty, except that giving so much has made us wealthy in spirit. I intend on seeing the end of cancer in our lifetime through wellness and cancer prevention efforts.
If I can help, let me know. You can reach me at 443-463-5009.
Peace and LOVE,
A.J. Ali

Posted on May 26th by Sean Dobson

That was a great call wtih Diane. During the call I mentioned there are lots of resources to help grantmakers evaluate advocacy and organizing -- here is a good list:
Also, NCRP is almost done with a series of reports showing phenomenal philanthropic return-on-investment in advocacy/organizing around the country. Here it is:
FACT's report summarizing its 18 years of experience in this type of grantmaking is another great resource to add to the list. I urge everbody to spread the link to that report far and wide in the sector. I just blogged about it here:
-Sean Dobson
Field Director