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Kevin and Hannah Salwen

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Posted on April 29th by Greg Aloia, Abacus

Question for Hannah: how is what your doing play/resonate with your peer group? How has your family's experience in giving changed your relationship with your friends, school mates, relatives in the same age group?

Posted on April 29th by sage

not sure if this is how i send in a question but...i invited our family on the call for inspiration and to answer my own wondering of how does a family with resources stay connected with each other and do better in the world. so i am interested in hearing the impact of this experience on your family life and particularly what words of inspiration you have for the teenagers on the call.

Posted on March 31st by Anne Ellinger

Kevin, I'm completely swept away by your and Hannah's book, The Power of Half. I'm about 3/4 through it... I want my husband and son to read it, too. You are a WONDERFUL storyteller -- punchy and vivid, yet nothing slick. Vulnerable and real. You've got me holding your hand every step of your strange journey. And I'm surprised by how deeply it's affecting me. Bringing back memories of being eleven years old on a trip to Bombay, asking my parents in all sincerity why we couldn't bring all these poor children home with us. Reminding me how deeply and how long I've cared about all the people of the world, and how like most adults I give up, push it all down, feel overwhelmed with the hopelessness....
I also have the eerie feeling of your family being uniquely "chosen" for this mission, even though I don't really "believe" in destinies like that. But it's so clear how each of your temperaments and talents were essential. Joan's group facilitation acumen. Your PR ability and entrepreneurial willingness to take risks. Hannah's remarkable clarity and passion. Joe's skepticism and film-making and good humor. How likely is it that all those qualities would be in one family?
I look forward to our Bolder Giving teleconference with you and Hannah on March 29th. (People can register at Thanks for writing The Power of Half!