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Millard Fuller

| South | 60 plus Years Old | $1-$10M | at least 90% | Business |
| Social Justice | Faith | Passion |

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Posted on October 19th by Linda Fuller

Millard Fuller's autobiography was released August 2010 - Millard completed this story of his first 30 years in 1968. Ten other books were published but he never got around to this first one. When Millard passed away early 2009 at age 74, I knew that this amazing manually-typed manuscript, filed away for years, needed to be published. Millard's rise above incredible heartache at age 3 from his Mother's untimely death, his father teaching him how to make money and his extraordinary drive to make his life a success in every way is all there and much more -- 4 sections of photos, too, some of which have never been seen before. The book concludes when we decided to give away our fortune to help save our marriage and provide a way for the "haves" to join us in making a difference for the "have-nots" in the world. Read "Beyond the American Dream" by Millard Fuller. All proceeds will go to The Fuller Center for Housing. Book may be purchased at or