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Click for pdf: Couple's two-front battle aids Haiti

Couple's two-front battle aids Haiti

Pair raise funds, do relief work
Feb 2nd, 2010 - Boston Globe
Jim Ansara, a sturdy, 52-year-old former electrician from Boston, made his way to the devastated main hospital in the Haitian capital four days after the earthquake and went to work amid piles of lifeless bodies.
He found small generators and got them working. He spliced wires to light the makeshift operating rooms. He helped move patients around. For 12 days, working with Americans and Haitians, doctors and nurses, and hospital maintenance workers, he helped bring some order to the...

Be Good, Do Good

Is this really a time for generosity?
Nov 30th, 2008 - Boston Globe
On the cover of the November 9 magazine you ask, "Is this really a time for generosity?" In October, we surveyed donors from across the country, asking how the economic downturn would affect their giving this fall. Over half the respondents plan to maintain their giving levels, and 22 percent will actually be increasing their amounts. At least among committed givers, this is definitely a time for generosity -- because they know it's a time of greater need.
Anne Ellinger

For this club, life begins at 50 (%)

Members feel enriched by giving away half of wealth
Jul 29th, 2007 - Boston Globe
When David Ludlow's wife died in a climbing accident 11 years ago, her death transformed him into a multimillionaire: He inherited Vanda Sendzimir's share of her family fortune, a $5 million trust that generates an annual interest of about $300,000. Then a freelance photographer with a passion for social justice issues, the Jamaica Plain man was plunged into a swirl ... (Full article: 1314 words)

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