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Charitable Connection

American women are poised to become major influencers in the world of philanthropy, shaping social policy around the globe for future generations. OppenheimerFunds' research found that women now control more than half of the wealth in the U.S. and make 80% of purchases. Data from the IRS suggests that women donate more of their wealth than do men. This transfer of economic power comes at a crucial time for philanthropy as the current market environment has made it extremely ...

Extreme Philanthropy

For the last few decades, Americans' charitable giving has hovered around 2% of pretax income. Anne and Christopher Ellinger of Arlington, Mass., have upped the ante with an invitation to what could be considered "extreme philanthropy" pushing that percentage up to 50. In 2003, they established a foundation called Bolder Giving to inspire people to realize their full giving potential. Today, more than 88 people have joined the organization's 50% League and given away...

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