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Maximizing Giving Potential

Oct 3rd, 2007 - CBS News
"Only on the Web": Richard Schlesinger talks to Anne and Christopher Ellinger, founders of Bolder Giving, about how they help people give a greater proportion of their income to worthy causes.

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From Windfall To Philanthropy

The Suddenly Rich Are Finding Fresh Ways To Share Their Wealth
Oct 1st, 2007 - CBS News
Put yourself in Becky Liebman's shoes. For 20 years she worked as a librarian. And then she found out she was a millionaire - many times over.
Her first reaction was: "Yikes!”
Her father's business had done better than she knew - a lot better. She got more money than she ever expected. Much more than she needed, CBS News correspondent Richard Schlesinger reports.
“It's so unsettling when you have so much and somebody else is struggling,” Liebman...

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