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Melinda Gates Says Bolder Giving Was an Impetus for the Billionaire Pledge Campaign

June 25 I wrote on this blog about Boston couple, Anne and Christopher Ellinger's Bolder Giving effort to raise money from people across the economic spectrum to think about how to donate a higher percentage of their assets and become effective philanthropists who can inspire and collaborate with others.  Well, yesterday's Seattle Times says that Melinda Gates has credited Bolder Giving, started in 2007,  with being an impetus behind the campaign to persuade the world’s ...

Bolder Giving Challenges

Years ago I spoke with the late Claude Rosenberg on a rainy, cold day in San Francisco.  Claude’s 1994 book, Wealthy and Wise: How You and America Can Get the Most Out of Your Giving, advocated giving from assets and how doing so would double the amount of philanthropy annually.  Those were extraordinary ideas and some even felt outrageous.  But I was struck by his ideas of challenging millionaires to give more and deeply humbled to be in his presence, which lives on through his...

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2 News Items from The Power of the Purse Blog